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Hey folks! Just a quick little note to say that Shaenon Garrity and I will (assuming all goes well) be making one of our exceptionally rare joint convention appearances at the 50th Anniversary of MileHiCon 2018 at the Denver Tech Center Hyatt Regency, from October 19th to the 21st. As yet the schedule has not been finalized, and there will be no centralized vending area, so I can’t give you any specific place to find us; however, check here for updates as I get them!

Second thing I wanted to discuss with this post is changing the schedule that content arrives on this blog. I’ve been sticking to monthly somethings for going on six years now, but as Skin Horse enters its twilight years I am forced to think about life after comics, and whether I want to have a go at getting professionally published. As I explore these options, it might be best for me to keep the bulk of my work in as saleable a condition as possible for a time. Posting work here, alas, counts out the overwhelming majority of publishers who’d want first publishing rights. So, while I figure out what the future looks like, I will be posting fiction here less regularly. Rest assured I’ll still be able to be reached through the same contact methods here as before, and hey, there are still going to be some pieces whose natural home is a writing blog rather than a professional publication.

Hope to see some of you in Denver, and thanks for sticking with me as I embark on what I hope is a new chapter in my creative life.

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