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Bit of a longer piece for September. I realize that it can be a bit of a dirty word at times in the larger science fiction / fantasy world, but the fact remains that I cut my teeth as an author writing for the the anthropomorphic animal (or “furry”) subculture; this type of character has always (and I suspect will always) hold me fascinated. While at attending a recent convention, I met up with my old-school homegirl Electric Keet, the primary author of a flash-and-dash science-fiction sports serial called “Thirteen Ribbons” which had funny animals and plenty of glowy neon lights, and thus was a 1:1 interest match for me. During our con together, Keet reminded me of a quick character study I did for her writing universe; I took another look at it in the wake of our conversation, and I think that (a) it stands alone without familiarity with the larger writing project and (b) it’s aged pretty well, better than some of my older writings at least. So, since I’ve got a few different readers now, I thought I’d share it. Hope you like!

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She is white tonight.


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Hey, gang! Just a quick administrative post to let everyone know, in case they turn here for information (which, judging by stats, is happening): Skin-Horse.com is down due to the new ComicPress update, which was apparently and quite unexpectedly a dramatic enough update that it killed some sites whose code was not compatible with it. Rest assured, it’s on our end, not yours.

While we get things up and running again, keep pace with the comic on the mirror site: http://www.gocomics.com/skinhorse. Thank you for your readership, and hope to be back to full power soon.

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